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Ronald C.
Ronald C.Thank you vindale
daniela t.
daniela t.50 bucks just for answerin questions nice!
Kara S.
Kara S.I got paaaaaid! Now I can eat great food. Thanks Vindale!
Michelle R.
Michelle R.1st check thank you Vindale
LARRY M.good lookin vindale
LaToya J.
LaToya J.I was skeptical in the beginning myself, but I know it's real now!! Vindale is 100% legit and I'm $50 richer! Thanks Vindale!!!!
Jessica O.
Jessica O.Vindale Paid Me!
Donna T.
Donna T.received my first payment from Vindale for taking surveys while sitting at home in my recliner. The surveys are fun and I'm always ready to give my opinion. Thank you Vindale!
Ginger D.
Ginger D.This is my 2nd check from Vindale!! I am already waiting for my 3rd!!! Go Vindale!
Robert F.
Robert F.Thank You!
Melody L.
Melody L.my second check.thanks vindale
susan h.
susan h.I love doing surveys & getting checks!
Fatima H.
Fatima H.awesome
Richard S.
Richard S.Richard S.
Dumitru F.
Dumitru F.Vindale paid me!
james a.
james a.this is great
Jinhuang L.
Jinhuang L.
andrea h.
andrea h.I got paid via pay pal. Im so happy.
Joanette T.
Joanette T.I got my 3rd payout from Vindale
craig c.
craig c.Thanks Vindale
judith n.
judith n.Thanks Vindale for my first $50 payment from paypal.
Nelson B.
Nelson B.Thank you Vindale- Nelson Banos Jr..
marlon t.
marlon t.you guys are the best!!
Amitava K.
Amitava K.I got paid quickly
Christopher C.
Christopher C."THANK You!" Vindale Research. We received Our first $50 USD. Happy New Year! Christopher C.
Erika F.
Erika F.I have been a proud Vindale Member since September 2010 and i was a proud recipient of a check on October 2010.Thank you Vindale
Raymond R.
Raymond R.I was paid from Vindale
Alan P.
Alan P.Thank you!!
Angela D.
Angela D.Thanks for the check!
Gustavo P.
Gustavo P.Tankyou vindale this is my 3rd payment
Gina F.
Gina F.I love Vindale!!! It's a great way to make some extra money!!!
Anita P.
Anita P.thank you vindale the first fifty of many to come to me!!
Debbie K.
Debbie K.Thanks for paying me twice thru PayPal!
Barbara W.
Barbara W.Vindale is awesome!
laura g.
laura g.thanks!
Amy H.
Amy H.This is my first check from Vindale. I'm very happy!
emma c.
emma c.My 2nd payment received through Vindale, Thanks :)
Jerry R.
Jerry R.I received my first check. Thanks Vindale.
Tami C.
Tami C.I got paid for taking real surveys and studies. I am now on my 3rd payment. I am very happy with Vindale and I tell my friends about them when I can.
Porter W.
Porter W.Wow! Thank you Vindale for allowing me to be a participant of the surveys you send. Its quite easy to do. This is truly easy money you just have to be consistent about completing the surveys
Dianna S.
Dianna S.Thank you Vindale, Easy Money!
William C.
William C.Thanks Vindale...it can't get any easier than that.
Lyssa R.
Lyssa R.Thankyou!!
Sarah W.
Sarah W.I love getting my checks. Just by doing surveys occasionally, watching videos and checking emails, i get $50 about every other month!
Sarah H.
Sarah H.Thanks Vindale!
billy l.
billy l.Thanks VIndale
Alexis J.
Alexis J.Thank you. Easy money.
Carolyn P.
Carolyn P.Thanks Vindale, I recieved my $50. check
Brandy H.
Brandy H.A great way to earn a little extra cash!
Dominique C.
Dominique C.Thank you so much vindale!
william c.
william c.great! easy and quick pay!
Jennifer P.
Jennifer P.Its fast,easy free money
becky c.
becky c.the surveys are so easy to do and fun! easy way to make extra money
Lorraine E.
Lorraine E.I recieved my payment right on time! Birthday money - a whole $50.00. Thanks Vindale!!!
Tom F.
Tom F.My first payment right into my PayPal account, I love Vindale!
John P.
John P.Thanks Vindale
Zhiyang Y.
Zhiyang Y.Zhiyang Y.
Josh H.
Josh H.Another satisfied customer!
Emily H.
Emily H.Woohoo! I got a check!
Jackie S.
Jackie S.Vindale paid me very quickly when I reached the minimum amount. I'm getting close to another payment too!