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Janette G.
Janette G.Thanks vindale...this is my 2nd check in such a short time...IT'S GREAT :))
Kenny C.
Kenny C.Thank you Vindale! I can't wait for the next check on the 31st!! :)
Garrett D.
Garrett D.Can't believe I made 50 bucks in the first 12 days! Thanks Vindale
kevin t.
kevin t.This is my second cash out, thanks Vidale!
Kevin C.
Kevin C.vindale is a fun way to earn money in my spare time thank you vindale
Connie H.
Connie H.I really can't believe it was that easy!!
padmapriya g.
padmapriya g.Thanks for the payment Vindale. -Padmapriya Gopalsamy
Carol R.
Carol R.Vindale pays everytime I request!
Maria R.
Maria R.this is my vindale check
Samantha D.
Samantha D.Vindale paid me!!! This is my second check. It is super easy and great $$$$ :)
Brandon Cord B.
Brandon Cord B.Not the first check, and not the last.
sandinista r.
sandinista r.Vindale gave me my 3rd payment of $50.00. Thanks Vindale
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.Thanks!
Patricia O.
Patricia O.Yea!! Vindale paid me $50. That is great. I really can use the extra cash!
Markale R.
Markale R.Vindale research is a useful site if you want to earn easy, extra money...Thanks Vindale!
Cynthia H.
Cynthia H.Thanks Vindale for another Payment. Your site is awesome!!!
Shandra C.
Shandra C.wuhoo!
Vladimir P.
Vladimir P.I got my second pay from vindale
Alexis J.
Alexis J.Thank you. Easy money.
Robert A.
Robert A.ive been paid
cindy s.
cindy s.thanks so very much!!!!
Vanessa C.
Vanessa C.Thanks Vindale!
Yeling X.
Yeling X.I got the second $50 payment through PayPal! Thank you so much, Vindale!!!
andrea h.
andrea h.I got paid via pay pal. Im so happy.
Silvia G.
Silvia G.Doing surveys with Vindale is a great opprtunity of getting extra money
Dominique A.
Dominique A.It has been great to get paid to give my opions on things I enjoy. Thanks Vindale, keep up thegood work!
juan l.
juan l.thanks again
Sonia B.
Sonia B.fifth payment! OH YEA!
Angela G.
Angela G.I got paid!! Thanks, Vindale!!
Spencer G.
Spencer G.Fast easy money. Vindale is a great site. Thanks!
Anita M.
Anita M.Thanks Vindale for your surveys and paying so faithfully! Anita
Takita L.
Takita L.i just got vindale paid 50.00
Harold L.
Harold L.IT's True ! They paid ME for doing the Surveys
Thalia C.
Thalia C.Thalia C. My photo of my Vindale Check
Samantha C.
Samantha C.My first check for voicing my opinion!
Kimberly H.
Kimberly H.2nd check!!!
Tracy S.
Tracy S.Tracy S. Vindale have been paid twice via papal. Thanks Vindale research
fatema k.
fatema k.vindale really pays....
Patti G.
Patti G.Thanx Vindale
Lauralynn S.
Lauralynn S.thank you vindale!
Melody L.
Melody L.my second check.thanks vindale
Tom F.
Tom F.My second payment via Paypal from Vindale, I'm loving it!
Karen M.
Karen M.Thank You Vindale!!
Valentina V.
Valentina V.Received $50 Paypal payment.Thank you
Sarah L.
Sarah L.Thanks for paying me via Paypal!
Jun A.
Jun A.Vindale paid me! :D I love Vindale!!
PATTI M.Thank you so much Vindale!! You are awesome!!
Gene B.
Gene B.It is simple and easy to do in your spare time. Thanks Vindale, Gene B.
Nancy C.
Nancy C.I love Vindale. Great vacation money!
emma c.
emma c.My 2nd payment received through Vindale, Thanks :)
Christopher L.
Christopher L.Got my third paypal check!
alyssa a.
alyssa a.Thanks Vindale!
Shirley W.
Shirley W.Vidale is no joke. After seaching for true company that rewards or my opinion, vindale has proven to be the leader! Thanks.
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.Vindale paid me, again!
Emile E.
Emile E.Vindale Paid me $50!!!Thanks Vindale!
Jamie D.
Jamie D.my first payment from Vindale! Super easy to receive. Thank you Vindale!
Lara L.
Lara L.Thanks Vindale, you're helping pay the bills this month!
John G.
John G.I love Vindale. It is a great way to make money.
DONNA M.Thanks so much for my first Vindale $50 payment to Paypal!!!
Travis E.
Travis E.Vindale paid me $50!